About Voice Artist Christian O’Boyle

Hi everyone, Christian O’Boyle here.  You may recognize me as Ash from the visual novel “The Pretender’s Guild”,  the soldier Serpent from the Arma 3 mod “Silent Abdera”, or the villainous Jeremiah Lightfoot from RPG Drama “Star-Fall”.

As a professional voice over artist with an extensive background in theater, I provide the passion and emotion that will truly bring your script.  Whether it’s from a studio within the Seattle, WA area or from my fully equipped home recording studio, I can produce the crisp, high-quality audio needed for anything from animation & video games to commercials & eLearning.  It is my passion to breath life into my clients’ work with the power of my voice, and I promise to deliver that passion to every project that I’m involved in.

When I’m not doing professional voice work, I’m still exploring the arts.  Whether that’s taking classes with Crispin Freeman & Marc Cashman or taking architectural photography & performing theater with my beautiful wife, Jessie.  My involvement in the arts has fueled my creativity, shaped my personality, and crafted me into who I am today.

Whether it’s a new audio drama or a commercial, let’s connect and talk about what you envision for your business, so I can provide a voice to that vision!



Christian was very quick with his responses and work. I was able to have his lines in and get everything done quickly and had a ton of time left over. His voice work is astounding as he was able to go into the right tone at the right times. I was glad to have him as a part of my project and hope to work with again!

Spencer Eldridge
We want to put out a special thanks to the voice of our season one Villian CHRISTIAN O’BOYLE who added so much depth to Jeremiah. Thank you for your hard work. Christan is very fast to reply with an audio file and takes instruction beautifully. He also has a way of adding to the characters.

Kevin C. Mason
Jack Monkey Games
Christian provided an excellent recording, was quick with his work and really easy to work with. Would happily work with him again.

Zack Riley
Christian is an awesome actor with a great voice. He is very easy to work with and his performances are always wonderful. We adore working with him and are certain you will, too

Nikki Flynn
Ullord Productions
Christian is a well-rounded voice actor who can voice various types of roles with ease. He pays attention to detail, understands the roles he voices, and is easy to work with during live direction.

Yenni Ann
Vibrantly Cool Productions
Want a man with range? Christian is your man. He voices the officer in Masked Memory and just hearing him makes you feel you're on a mission to stop evil everywhere. On top of that, he's super wonderful and professional to work with. Loved working with you!